Tree houses are built with alpine techniques and are fixed on the tree with brackets to avoid any injury on the tree.



The tree house can be fixed at one third of the tree’s highness. The older the tree is, the more suitable it is to hold a house.

On which tree?


Select a healthy tree. I suggest the hard and harder types line oak, sycamore, nut, beech, horse-chestnus.

What kind of material?

the use of reclaimed or salvaged materials can inspire an environmentally sensitive process of building. these structures can be fitted out with beds, wood burning stoves, solar powered lighting and hand-made stained glass windows, making the house enjoyable till late autumn.

What size?


The maximum area is determined by the tree, but your imagination still can include wide size of buildings from children’s playroom till a small flat. electricity and water can also be installed in the building.

Is it possible?


If you have only one tree, buttressing can suppost stability. If you have several trees, they can be connected with one building.